Creative Marketing Ideas For Phone Stores

To many customers, shopping for a new cell phone is a necessary evil. While it’s easy to get excited about upgrading to a better model phone, customers expect pushy salespeople, confusing data packages, and ever-increasing fees and rate plans. In addition, competition in the booming cell phone market is ferocious, so if you want your store to stand out, it’s important to find ways to make it approachable and unique.

  1. Partnerships with TV and radio– Make your store a fun and exciting place for customers to spend time. Work with your local TV channel or radio station to host an event at your store. These events are not only heavily-promoted through commercials, but the organization also brings tents, banners, yard signs, giveaways, etc., to get the attention of passers-by. The longer customers are at your store, the better the chance you have to make a sale.
  2. New phone launch events– When the hot new phone is about to be released, promote it at your store using graphics on your windows. Window clings work best since they’re not adhesive and can be removed when finished-show a picture of the phone and list the day of its launch. Have a special offer on the big day, like the first X amount of customers get a free case or a discount. This builds excitement and buzz not only about the product but also about your store. Your goal is to have a packed store all day, so consider holding a drawing for a free phone if it gets customers through your doors.
  3. Used phone recycling/donation– This is more of a convenience than anything, but make sure you have a place for customers to donate or recycle their old phones in your store. Offer customers who donate a special discount off their new phone. Promote this in your store using a vinyl banner, and let customers know where their phone will be going (recycling center, or even repurposed for soldiers on deployment, needy families, etc.).
  4. Mobile marketing– Utilize the power of mobile marketing by ordering car signs for your vehicle as well as those of your employees. Car magnets are affordable and can be removed, but the product that will get the most impact is a car window decal for your vehicle’s back window. This can be used to feature a picture of the brands of phones you carry, along with your store name and phone number. It’s a great way to reach out to customers who might not pass by your location on a regular basis.
  5. Free accessories– Another great way to stand out from the crowd is to offer free accessories or bundle deals to customers who purchase a new phone or renew their contract. Post vinyl decals in your windows that feature this offer to grab the attention of window shoppers and bring them into your store.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for some great  ideas  for bridesmaid gifts then do not worry I have many  ideas  that will be great for all of your bridesmaids. You should first think about all of your bridesmaids age, religion and personality. I myself when I got married. I chose all of my gifts individually for that particular person.

Personalized gifts are always best, it seems to me. The reason why I just said, that is because personalized gifts seem to be more special because you actually put thought into choosing the gift. You are not just go to the department store and just choose any old gift that you just ran into.

Below I am going to outline some personalized gifts and bridesmaid gift  ideas  that you can opt for your bridesmaids.

Personalized jewelry roll:

A personalized jewelry roll usually comes in many colors and you can personalize them with a monogram or initials. But jewelry roll will be great for a lady who is on the run. She can easily access all of her jewelry on a day-to-day basis and it is convenient, and it makes a fashion statement.

Personalized tote bags:

Personalized tote bags are always great gifts for your bridesmaids. They will definitely come in handy to the ladies who are receiving the gifts and it will help organize their little better. Personalized tote bags come in many shapes sizes and colors. You can choose to tote bags reflecting the ladies personality. You can have the tote bags personalized with initials, monograms and names. Tote bags are always an excellent choice for your bridesmaids.

Spa gifts:

Spa gifts will give your ladies a chance to relax and be comfortable after your big day. All the hard work your ladies have done for you. It is time for them to relax. You can choose spa robes, slippers, towels, soaps and many more. Like I said spa gifts will give your ladies a chance to relax and be comfortable after your big day.

These are just a few bridesmaid gift  ideas  that you can opt for your ladies. There are many more gifts that you can choose but just put thought into the gifts and reflect the ladies personalities. Doing this will allow your ladies to receive a nice beautiful gift that they will cherish for years to come.

4 Decorating Ideas For Children Bedroom

The concept of coming up with children bedroom decorating  ideas  is to bring brightness and life into your child’s bedroom and match the kind of personality that the little master has. Your child may not be able to express what they want in their rooms so parents must do the designs.

However, these things should not be patterned to their likes. It should still involve the creativity and freshness of a child’s imaginative mind.

Here’s how:

1. Colors that matter

Pink and blue are good colors. However, they will make any children’s bedroom look extremely ordinary – and lifeless. Besides, for bedrooms that has limited windows, it is best to bring more light into the room without having to destroy another space in the wall and come up with new windows.

Try painting your child’s bedroom wall with bright shade of yellow. In an instant, the room will definitely open up. It is best to use water-based paints so that cleaning up will be nice and easy.

2. Bed galore

For your child’s bed, try to choose beddings of orange, red, yellow, and white in a playful geometric design. You can also incorporate your child’s favorite cartoon character or designs such as butterflies, flowers, cars, or blocks.

Children bedroom decorating  ideas  do not have to be limited. Let you and your child’s imagination run wild and free – and make them last long with bright, sunny colors.

3. Lighting drama

For dramatic lighting, try to bring in a lava lamp. With its shape, your child can imagine any item that will match it. For instance, a cone shaped lava lamp can bring your child’s imagination to the wonderful world of spaceships or rocket ships.

You can also use floor lamps with a red shade. This will definitely bring contrast to your child’s bright room. Children bedroom decorating  ideas  go as far as contrast and match. All it takes is good color combination.

4. Study tables

Coming up with really creative yet functional children bedroom decorating  ideas  is not that hard. All you have to do is to think of things that will not only liven up your child’s room but will also serve good function.

To finish off, it is best to bring in a kid-sized study table and yellow chairs. Try to use red and orange throw pillows as well. These things will absolutely provide extra seating.

Six Super Ideas For Your Wedding Decorations

Wedding decorations for your tables, ceremony and wedding reception venue are many and varied, limited only by your imagination and, perhaps, your budget!

Using the internet will uncover a variety of  ideas  for you to consider, particularly if there is a forum where brides to be can swap  ideas  and experiences. A good example of this is Two other great places for generating  ideas  are wedding magazines and wedding fairs.

To get you started, here are 6 great  ideas  for decorations that you may want to incorporate into your wedding.

  1. Confetti – Confetti has evolved from scattered leaves and flower petals, which were originally used in pagan ceremonies, to today where there is many options, such as metallic hearts or stars, tissue paper hearts or dried rose petals. The theme for your wedding can be set immediately if you include some of your chosen confetti inside your guests’ wedding invitations when you send them out.
  2. Wedding Favours – The tradition of giving favours to guests at weddings dates back thousands of years when the guests received five sugared almonds which signified health, wealth, happiness, long life and fertility. Sweets or chocolates are more likely to be used today than sugared almonds, and these are generally wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon. Favours aren’t limited to foodstuffs though, and they can come in a wide variety of themes. For example, if the bride and groom are golf nuts they may want to present their guests with a golf themed favour. A great site for favours is
  3. Flowers – These have always been a firm favourite for decorating weddings. Not only can they be used for table centre pieces they are also needed for buttonholes, corsages, pew ends, buffet table decoration and top table arrangements. Although flowers have been a tradition for a long time there is a new challenger.
  4. Balloons – Bouquets of balloons in the middle of the tables can add bold flashes of colour and can really lift a room. These are tied to decorative weights with beautiful coloured ribbon. As well as balloon bouquets, arches and columns can also be constructed with balloons which can be strategically placed to mask less picturesque areas of your venue.
  5. Glass bowls, vases or giant wine glasses – each one of these can be filled with decorative material such as coloured stones or leaves, or filled with coloured water with a lighted candle floating on top. Placed on top of a small circular mirror in the middle of each table, these make spectacular decorations.
  6. Wedding Backdrop – One other very big item that you may want to consider for your wedding decorations is a wedding backdrop. These are great for placing behind the top table to really emphasise the bride and groom. They can also sparkle and twinkle so are great for the evening disco.

There are clearly many more  ideas  for wedding decorations and if you use the two resources I mentioned at the beginning of the article, you should be able to add dozens more  ideas  to the handful I’ve suggested here. Visit this website for some great balloon decorations and wedding backdrops.

Rehearsal Dinner Ideas for a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

There are many facets to getting married and one of them is the wedding rehearsal dinner. As a bride and groom, you want to have fun at this special occasion, spend time with family and close friends prior to getting married and naturally, make this dinner about the two of you. Here are some rehearsal dinner ideas that you can incorporate into your wedding weekend.

First, like any party, you should try to theme the event and make sure to carry this theme throughout from the invitation to the party. For us, we love to take jump shots from around the world. We have us jumping from the beaches of Florida, to the Eiffel Tower in Paris to Half Dome in Yosemite. Thus for us, it was natural to theme our wedding rehearsal dinner Jumpin’ for Joy.

Look to yourselves as a couple and think of the fun aspects about the two of you. Are you both skiers, computer or music geeks, sports fans, beach bums? What as a couple are you two known to be by your friends and family and literally bring that to the party. Use these personality traits as part of your decor whether it is displayed in your dinner menu, the party favor or even the table centerpiece.

Also, consider the venue as a part of your theme. One wedding rehearsal dinner I coordinated was at the beach and we had a BBQ. The invitations, centerpieces and party favors all included some aspect of the sand and sea. There are many websites that you can turn to such as your local city’s dinning guide, wedding websites or your local chamber of commerce website to research party venues.

When booking your venue, a few aspects to keep in mind are the time of year because of weather issues, number of guests you are hosting, location in proximity to the wedding and whether or not you will be in a private dinning room.

A few rehearsal dinner ideas to save money are to make your own invitation, centerpiece or dinner menu. Also, if the dinner is outdoors, hang some inexpensive lighting or lanterns to add atmospheric lighting to the venue. We used different photographs of us jumping and made our own invitations and menus and then played off the French theme of the restaurant and created our own French styled-centerpieces.

And don’t forget on your rehearsal dinner invites to let your guests know about parking availability, whether or not to bring a sweater and time and date. It is amazing how often people make mistakes and confuse the day and time with the wedding versus the wedding rehearsal dinner.

Hope you picked up a few tips for your wedding festivities. Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, stylish, fun and economical to all!

Ideas for Wedding Favours – What’s Popular for 2011

Engraved and marked favours are very hot at the moment. Including the name of the happy couple and the date of the wedding on your favour boxes is a lovely touch and is sure to remind your guests of your wedding for years to come. It is not just boxes that can be personalised, wine bottle labels, stickers, gift tags are just a few of the items that can be printed on. Use your imagination and give your friends some really unique.

This year has seen more practical favours becoming more and more popular. The Love Birds salt & pepper shaker is our best selling favour this year. It’s not only practical but is a true symbol of the meaning of your big day. Bottle stoppers often follow this theme as well and heart bottle stoppers have sold extremely well this year.

Another practical theme that has shone through is to combine place card holders that can also be used as a photo frame for your guests to use at home. There are lots of small frames on the market that you can use for your place card holders. If you are keen on the  idea  of giving your guests a memento of the day, why not include a picture of the two of you in the frame? The last twelve months have seen these become more and more common with some great results.

Another popular trend this year is the Wedding CD favour. Couples are choosing to create a CD with their favourite songs included to give out to their guests as a gift. This gives their guests an excellent takeaway from the day and can include songs from the evening celebration including your first dance to make it truly special. This is a relatively cheap and truly personalised.

With more and more brides being socially responsible, environmentally friendly wedding favours are an emerging trend. Buying wildflower seeds and then putting them in beautiful handmade paper favours is a great  idea  for your guests so they can then plant them when they get home. These look beautiful on your wedding tables and might even product some beautiful flowers. This year, small plants and beeswax candles are also extremely popular wedding favours.

Picking any one of these favours for your wedding day will ensure that your guests go home with a happy memory of your wedding day which will last for years to come.

5 Unusual Gift Ideas

Giving the right gift to the right person is really an art form that usually requires a lot of knowledge about a person and a little insight about their lives. When you are giving a gift to a friend or loved one and you want to give them something really unique and unusual here are 5 unusual gift ideas that you can use to find the perfect gift:

1. Handmade gifts – Handmade gifts are great because they are all unique. But, a truly useful handmade gift is one that is also practical. Don’t give someone a horrible knit sweater that is ugly and they’ll never wear, but do give them a stylish silk tie that has been silk screened with a computer or a character from their favorite video game, or a handmade laptop bag. Artisan gifts that are handmade are wonderful gifts for the people you care about.

2. Nostalgia gifts – Did you and your best friend love playing Atari for hours when you were younger? Did you both have a crush on a particular actor when you were 12? Search the Web to find an Atari console, or a period poster of that actor. The more personal the gift is and the more it reflects a piece of your life with that person the better of a gift it is.

3. Classes – Has your friend always to learn how to play golf? Or paint? Or learn to sell the contents of their garage on Ebay? Or learn how to start their own Internet business? Sign your friend up for classes at the local continuing education center or community college and pay the tuition fee. Doing something for your friend or loved one that they wouldn’t do for themselves is a great gift.

4. Car detailing – It might seem like an impersonal gift but a gift certificate to get a car detailed is a really nice and unusual gift. Everyone likes a clean car but a full detailing can cost as much as $100 and most people aren’t willing to spend that much money on something they don’t really need. They will appreciate having a car that looks and feels new again.

5. A full spice rack – Spices are something that everyone that loves to cook needs, but good spices can be expensive and hard to find. Often people will just buy the spices they use frequently and they won’t try new spices because of the expense. Buy a spice rack and fill it with lots of exotic spices if you’re looking for a gift that your friend or loved one wouldn’t buy for themselves but will love and will also use all the time.

Need Groomsmen Gift Ideas Right Now?

So you are getting hitched huh? Congratulations! No doubt that you are ready for the big day to be over with, meaning no more wedding decisions to dwell on. Well, you do have one important decision to take care of and that is making your mind up on some groomsmen gift  ideas . Remember, these guys are your best buds. They have been with you in good times and bad. They deserve a little thank-you for standing by your side at the altar in a stifling monkey suit. Do you have any groomsmen gift  ideas ? If not, read on!

Groomsmen Gift  Ideas  Take One – A “one size fits all” kind of gift could be appropriate in the right circumstances. Perhaps your budget for the groomsmen gift  ideas  are limited and by buying several of the same things will get you a discount. Think of something that would appeal to all of the guys.

Do all of you enjoy fishing, camping or other great outdoor adventures? Some great groomsmen gift  ideas  about fishing include a special tackle box with a few choice lures in it. How about some customized coolers to keep drinks and food cold on that next trip? More groomsmen gift  ideas  include an engraved compass for those trips into the woods while camping or personalized folding camp chairs. Your buddies will think of you every time they rest their weary rumps in those chairs!

If your buddies enjoy beer, great groomsmen gift  ideas  include pilsner glasses or beer mugs. You can have them engraved with the wedding date or a short special message. Other groomsmen gift  ideas  along the same lines include shot glasses, beer steins, flasks or personalized engraved beer bottle openers.

Groomsmen Gift  Ideas  Take Two – Consider a gift that is personal, suited to their individual personalities. Is one of your buddies a sports lover? Think about some groomsmen gift  ideas  like a personalized engraved baseball bat or a special edition football. How about a guy’s day out with your buddies at the batting cages? Take a few pictures then present them in a personalized engraved sports picture frame.

Take into account any of your buddies’ interests or hobbies. If any of them like to travel, there are a few groomsmen gift  ideas  to consider. How about a personalized traveling grooming kit? Maybe a traveling bag with engraved identification tags is an option. Are there any game lovers? Some groomsmen gift  ideas  for the game player include a poker set with a leather carrying case or a special edition of his favorite board game like Monopoly or Risk.

Groomsmen Gift  Ideas  Take Three – Go with tradition. Consider some groomsmen gift  ideas  like cuff links or pocket watches that can be worn for the wedding ceremony and other special occasions. These can be personalized with your groomsmen’s initials. Maybe engraved key chains, lighters or koozies are better groomsmen gift  ideas .

Just remember that your buddies are going to like any of the groomsmen gift  ideas  that you come up with. After all, you all have shared a lot of life together! By choosing something personal however, would mean the world to them and they would remember your special day for many years to come.

5 Unique Wedding Ideas for Your Special Day!

You have been dreaming about your wedding day since you were a child. You have the colors picked out, and countless ideas bouncing around, but now as it draws near your thinking…. What are some Unique Wedding Ideas, that i can use to make this day truly my own and unlike any other wedding?

Never fear, you have found your way to the right place. Below is a list of 5 unique ideas that will provide you a beautiful wedding, but allow it to truly stand apart from most other weddings you have attended.


This is such a unique and good idea for so many reasons. Weddings are an event, they are timeless! Unfortunately, your location or timing may hinder some loved ones from attending. Insert services like USTREAM and JUSTIN.TV. These services offer you the capability (with just a camera and laptop) to stream the event live over the internet. Imagine family members, that live thousands of miles away, or in other countries being able to share in your special day. The BEST part about these services is its FREE! You even have the ability to embed the stream on your own website or Facebook page. Just don’t forget to hit record, so you’ll be able to watch and share the video later.


Technology is ingrained in our lives. Why not use this power!? With a simple connector and a TV screen you can provide your reception guests with a montage of your wedding ceremony photos.


What better way for guests to capture the spirit of the wedding, than to slide into a photo booth. Everyone loves a photo booth and it provides an opportunity for guests to leave with a fun memento of the wedding. You could even have the guests stop and have you sign the photos with a thank you and the date, so that each guest gets a personalized gift from the bride and groom.


Provide plantable seeds, with your wedding information on the package, so the parting guests can have a reminder in their garden of your special day. Another fun idea is to have the guest attendant take a digital photo of each attendee, as they arrive. Then later you can upload the photos to a hosting site, and email the link to your guests so they can remember your special day and all the friends that attended the wedding.


Incorporate your personality into the ceremony music! The only rules that apply at your wedding, are YOUR rules. (obviously consider the venue) But you get the point! Choose music that makes you smile and have fun. Your wedding day is supposed to be all about you. So maybe even have a special custom song written for that 1st dance as a couple.

Four Simple Home Decorating Ideas

If you are seemingly helpless when it comes to updating your home, or decorating your newly purchased home, today is your lucky day! It may not have occurred to you, but many people in the world have the same problem as you do, and that is that you are very indecisive when it comes to deciding what you wish the interior of your home to look like. It is easy to decide upon a decorating style, once you have discovered what exactly your personal decorating style is. To do this, just read about the following types of decorating styles and home decorating ideas.

1) The Earthy and natural type of decorating style may be for you only if you greatly enjoy nature in itself. If you like the beach, drives through the country, walks through the forest, preserving nature as a whole, hybrid cars, and of course, the wildlife in this wonderful world, then you should definitely consider decorating your home to portray nature.

2) If you are creative and eclectic, then you may specifically like antiques, family reunions, gardening, entertaining within your own home, and favor old things in general. This means that you may want to include anything homemade as additional decorating accessories, as well as old antique furniture, rugs and windows that will greatly match your personality.

3) The third style is known as the Modern decorating style, which is the most common upon modern homes of course. This style will often apply to you if you enjoy the theater, clubs, books, wine, spas, social networking, and global travel. With this style, you will use man-made materials and allow influences of the urban environments around to world to base the way you decorate your house around. In shorter terms, you are decorating in according to the new age.

4) There are many other styles out there in which are accustomed to the personal home decorating ideas that many people come up with when experimenting with their new homes. Many ideas will come from home decorating catalogs, and even HGTV, which is the television channel that discusses anything pertaining to home decorating and interior design.