Car Dealerships With Crazy, But Brilliant Marketing Ideas

With all the brands, models, and dealers these days, there’s no end to the options for the prospective car buyer. With customers spoiled for choice, car dealerships have had to get creative with their marketing. These places took it to another level. Safari Time One auto mall in New Jersey takes an annual walk on […]

Awesome Car Logo Ideas – The Right Symbol of Class, Style and Speed

The message that any car business trademark wants to convey to its customers is one of speed, dependability, strength and style. Since cars are not only a means of communication anymore but also a symbol of class, style and advancing technology, the faster and stylish they are, the more popular they will be. Hence the […]

Ideas to Decorate Your Wedding Car

There are various ways to decorate a wedding car. There are two occasions in a wedding – when the bride and her family arrive and another when the married couple leaves for the reception. For first occasion decorate the car decoration in a formal way. For second occasion, you can decorate in a creative and […]

Budget Car Repair Ideas

Many motorists think that car repair is out of their price range. The economy is forcing many individuals to make hard choices between paying their rent on time, buying nutritious foods and keeping their automobile in tip top shape. Vehicle owners may put off maintenance or repairs until it’s far too late. The longer a […]

Ideas for a Local Car Show

One of the most enjoyable events for families is having everyone attend a car show. Such events showcase a variety of vehicles and also give an assortment of vendors the opportunity to offer their wares for sale. Well planned shows also take into consideration that not every family member or attendee is a car buff […]