Fall Wedding Cake Recipe and Decoration Ideas

The grand decoration, the scrumptious wedding feast, designer bridal gown, gold printed invitation letters – you have planned for them all.

But aren’t you forgetting something crucial?

Yes! The wedding cake-the most delicious aspect of any wedding planning – adds extra zing to your wedding celebration and gives the invitees the sweet luxury to indulge in.

Here are a few ideas to make your fall wedding cake a hit with the guests with its unique fall feel and special fall taste.

When you are having a fall wedding, your wedding cake should also be based on a seasonal theme and rightly reflect the essence of the season both in taste and in its appearance.

While serving any type of cake in the fall wedding is at least grammatically correct-to keep with the true spirit of the season, serve your guests a delicious alternative to a traditional cake -a spiced cake or a spiced chocolate cake.

Here is the recipe for a spiced cake that you can get custom made by a renowned baker or someone reputed for baking skills.

In a spiced cake, the magic is done by your choice of spices – use 1/2 teaspoon ground allspice, 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger and1 teaspoon ground cinnamon for 2 cups all-purpose flour. Also use 1 cup of molasses.

Then there are the routine ingredients of traditional cakes such as sugar (1 cup), butter (I cup and softened), eggs (3), baking powder (2 tea spoons), and salt (1/2 tea spoon).

Follow the usual steps of cake making:

  • Mix butter with sugar and beat them with electric mixer until they form a light and fluffy mixture.
  • Add eggs, one by one into the mixture and keep on beating.
  • Now blend in the molasses.
  • Take a separate bowl and mix flour, salt, ginger, and cinnamon in it.
  • Add this mixture to creamed batter, beating at low speed all the while.
  • Don’t forget to add baking soda to the batter.
  • Now grease a baking pan and pour the batter into it; bake at 350° for 45 minutes.

If you want to come out with an even more stunning fall wedding cake, try a spiced chocolate cake.

You can use the same ingredients and follow the same steps as the spiced cake; only you will need some additional ingredients such as 1 and ½ cups of sour milk and at least an ounce of semi sweet chocolate.

Before adding the baking soda in the batter, dissolve it into sour milk and grate the chocolates before adding them to the batter.

Bring the fall feel with right cake accessories

  • Not the taste alone-the look and feel is also important to bring the seasonal touch. For that, use the decorating accessories only in the vibrant fall colors like flaming orange, golden, copper brown or burgundy.
  • Create the replicated fall leaves and pinecones out of sugar.
  • At the base of the cake, scatter pumpkin and squash pieces. Also sprinkle marzipan fruits and macadamia nuts for a more obvious fall flavor.

So now you have your spiced up, specially decorated fall wedding cake – share it with your friends and loved ones and take your share of the bites while hoping for a long, sweet, and spicy married life.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner. I have no doubts that you are now scrambling to find the perfect gift for dear old dad. With each passing year, it can become harder and harder to come up with great Fathers Day gift ideas. Does your dad seem to have everything? Are you having a hard time figuring out just what you should get him? Are you tired of the traditional tie gifts and ready for something new and unique?

I have done the homework, research and hard work for you. Here are some fabulous Fathers Day gift ideas that might be perfect for the main man in your life. All you have to do now is decide which one is the perfect fit. The internet is full of great gift ideas and the great thing about shopping on the internet is that it saves you a great deal of time, money, and hassles.

Thanks to the internet you have more choices than you ever had in a traditional “offline” shop, which means more chance to get creative and really find that perfect gift. Another great thing about the internet is that it makes shopping for your Fathers Day gift easy, quick, and safe. You save gas running to the various stores to look for that perfect gift. You save money because most websites will offer discounts or incentives, and you save time, because you do not have to get in your car, drive from store to store, and search through each one until you find that right gift.

If shopping on the internet just sounded like a great idea, I couldn’t agree with you more. What is more is that many websites offer gift wrapping and shipping to anywhere in the country or world, depending on which site you use. At the same time, you could start your Father’s Day shopping right now and have it shipped at a later date, so that it reaches dad at just the right moment. Starting your shopping now is a great idea, because you have already taken care of your gift and now you do not have to worry about it slipping your mind until the last minute. If you are like me at all, you tend to forget sometimes, even when you try not to forget. So here are some Fathers Day gift ideas for you to consider to get you started:

Fathers Day Gift Baskets

Fathers Day Gift Baskets are great because they can be themed to cover any hobby or interest your dad might like. These hobby gift baskets are perfect for getting something that your dad will really enjoy. And what’s even more important your dad will know that you were thinking about his interests. For example, if Dad loves motorcycles, why not send him a motorcycle themed basket. Maybe your dad loves to golf, mine does too, so a golf gift basket might be the way to go. Of course, if you do happen to forget to do your shopping ahead of time, there are also some great gift baskets that make perfect last minutes gifts such as fruit or wine gift baskets.

Personalized Is Always The Way To Go

I am really big on personalized gifts. To me, they just make the day and gift that much more special. Some personalize fathers day gift ideas might include personalized key chains – with a name or monogrammed initial, money clip, holders for business cards, cufflinks, or even get their favorite tool engraved with their name or special saying. And dad will know that you took the time to select the perfect gift and how it personalized!

Jewelry Just For Dad

Some men like men’s jewelry, my dad is not one of them, but my grandfather was a big fan of pocket watches and cufflinks. There are many great Fathers Day gift ideas when it comes to men’s jewelry. Aside from a pocket watch or cufflinks, you might consider a personalized necklace, a ring, or even a great chrome lighter, which can also be engraved.

Golf Gifts

I could not leave out golf fathers day gift ideas. My dad is an avid golfer, just like dads all across the world. So, when searching for the right gift ideas, I just had to include golf gifts. The great news is that you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to golf gifts. How about getting dad a fabulous golf gift basket, which might include great snacks, a cup too keep dads drink cold, ball markers, note pad, tees, or a number of other things. Or a personalized putter set. There is an endless supply of golf gift ideas for Father’s Day.

5 Wedding Gift Ideas The Bride and Groom Will Love

Weddings signify perhaps one of the most important events in anyone’s life. It is the day two people decide to dedicate their entire lives to each other, so naturally it is custom to give specific types of presents to the new couple. Since the majority of weddings are two people who are starting life together, this is usually some form of kitchenware or appliance. However, these have become drab and predictable presents in this day an age when many people marry only after having lived together for a longer period of time and thus already having most of these things already. So here are our  ideas  for the five perfect wedding presents that you should look at buying…

1 – Heart Shaped Fondue Set

Well, there are a lot of people who love fondue, but never get around to buying a fondue set. If the couple is one of these types – then get them this wonderful heart shaped fondue set to let them enjoy fondue together in a container that can only reaffirm their love for each other every time they use it. It is a wonderful way of letting them know you care and is definitely something that they will continue to remember you for a long time to come.

2 – Novelty 5 Piece BBQ Tools in Black Golf Bag and Golf Grips

This is a special present just for him, and you could find a matching set of kitchen tools just for her! The tools are elegant and stylish and are sure to appeal to any golf lover. You’ll also be helping out the bride by making every BBQ a nice little reminder of their wonderful first day together and by extension a nice reminder of you and the present you gave them.

3 – Cosmetic Designer Bag in Twill Polyester

A perfect present for her, so that she can remember her most special day when she is putting on make up. This bag is wonderful, with bright colours and can hold a variety of accessories so that she never need be without her cosmetics. Also, imagine how she will feel when she is putting on make up for her anniversary or honeymoon and is overwhelmed with feeling when she remember that a good friend gave her the cosmetics bag for her wedding.

4 – “Mr. + Mrs.” Bathrobes

These plush, wonderful and extremely comfortable bathrobes are the perfect “unique” present for any couple. While on honeymoon they will most probably be in the bedroom for most of the time, so these will never leave them at all. A true present from someone special who really cares.

5 – Bride & Groom Cowboy Hats

However, the only time they are likely to go out (during the hottest times of the day to… maybe lounge on the beach? Well, to show that you a very thoughtful friend you can get them these wild Cowboy hats. Everyone has fun if they wear a cowboy hat and you will encourage them to have a great start to their marriage.

These presents are fun, thoughtful and will make the happy couple think of you whenever they use them. Don’t delay and snap up one of these great presents today!

Neon Gift Ideas

There are many average and run-of-the-mill gift ideas out there, but neon-based items are definitely different and memorable. Different adaptations to neon and LED light technology over the years have paved the way for some really fun and head-turning presents.

The most popular form of neon gift would be the neon or LED sign. Neon signs come in all different shapes, sizes, and brands. There are patriotic signs for your country, signs for bars and restaurants, signs for states, cities and towns, signs for sports, drinks, hobbies, cars, games, you name it. The subjects are almost limitless. There is a large interest in Route 66 neons and classic cars and diners. The vintage appeal is great and they can be hung anywhere. Neon signs can be expensively priced into the hundreds or thousands of dollars, but you can find many good signs for under $50.

Neon clocks are also great ideas. Clocks look better in bedrooms, gamerooms, and dens, and like neon signs, they come in a large variety of themes. There are billiards, automobiles, company logos, drinks, card games, sports players, sports teams, locations, etc. Some are just plain clocks with simple hour and minute hands, but have a really bright single or double ring neon border.

Neon posters are newer to the lighted gift scene and are very fun and different. These are the posters or painting murals that contain actual lights inside of the scene. Dark sky scenes are lit with neon or LED lightening bolts and stars. Or diners are lit up at night with miniature neon signs and the car headlights glow as well. 50’s and 60’s Hollywood posters are popular, as are nostalgic bar scenes. There are also “moving” 3D neon posters with rotating backgrounds such as those popular waterfall pictures you’ve probably seen.

Neon stands, or sculptures. These are neon or LED tubes twisted onto a display stand that sits on desks or tables. The biggest difference between these and regular neon signs is that they are mobile, not mounted onto walls. They are generally cheaper than neon signs, but just as beautiful, especially in the pitch dark. The designs are just as varied as the others, also including animals, holidays, personal messages, companies, etc. These are similar to neon lamps, another great idea.

There are also hand-held neon items such as sports clubs and glowing hands, neon cell phone attachments, glow sticks, glow rings, and other glow jewelry. Other small items include neon colored latex balloons and other party decoration items. Flexible neon light tubes are great for outdoor decorations and are very durable. Other gifts that are not actually made of neon, but still have the glowing neon text include t-shirts, mugs, ties, keychains, calendars, and other smaller items. Neon aquariums with moving fish are pretty neat, though for some reason they lose their excitement sooner.

No neon gift list would be complete without underbody auto light kits. These are the cool looking neon lights that glow underneath cars, trucks, and motorcycles. They make neon door handle kits, headlights, side lights, steering wheel kits, and wheel light kits as well. Basically, if you want anything on your car lit up, they make it, with either neon or LED.

This is just a small list of cool items made from neon. Most of these items are very afforded, many customizable as well. These are ideal gifts for sports fans and business owners, but there is always something available for a neon lover of any interest.

7 Kids Party Favor Ideas

Party favors are an expected and fun treat for the kids at a birthday party. Traditionally favors are handed out at the end of a party as a last hoorah before the fun ends. Favors typically have a few different items including toys and candy so that the kids get a several fun treats. Favors don’t have to be expensive or elaborate just a small treat for the kids. You should keep in mind your theme when giving out favors. If you are throwing a cars party include car related favors such as a Hot Wheels car or car coloring book.

In addition to being a nice treat, party favors also serve as a great way to thank your guests for attending and show them your appreciation. Here are some suggestions of items to put in your party favor bags that kids will love.

1) Music CD

A music CD that is in keeping with your theme is a fun  idea . For example, if you are throwing a Mickey Mouse party than a CD of Mickey Mouse music would be a good  idea . Or a CD of your child’s favorite songs would be fun. But truthfully kids love music so a CD of any kid’s music is sure to be a hit.

2) Favor Boxes

Favor boxes are an easy way to provide party favors. When throwing a theme party these favor boxes are convenient, cute, match your theme and are lots of fun. And most importantly kids love them. You may want to add some candy if the boxes don’t include candy (kids will expect it). Other than that favor boxes have everything you need. You can probably purchase favor boxes at your local party store but if not then most online party stores have favor boxes.

3) Craft Creations

A craft party favor serves 2 purposes; it provides a favor for the kids as well as an activity at the party. Have the children do a craft and then take their creation home as a favor. Some fun craft party favor  ideas  are decorating picture frames, making bead jewelry, decorating cookies, decorating head bands, making juice box dolls, making pet rocks, decorating t-shirts to name a few.

4) Coupons

Believe it or not kids love getting coupons to their favorite spots. Not only does a coupon build up the anticipation of knowing that they will be going to their favorite store or restaurant soon but they also feel grown up when they use the coupon. Kids tend to love getting coupons to McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, Baskin Robbins, Burger King and Carvel.

5) A food favor

A sweet treat is always a hit with kids. Kids love sweets so they’ll be super excited if they get an extra special treat such as a huge cookie, decorative and fun cupcakes or lollipops shaped like their favorite animated character. You can also make an activity out of this favor by baking the treats ahead of time, but leaving the decorating to the kids. Either way the kids will love these sweet treats.

6) A Story Book

Giving story books as a favor will please the kids as well as their parents. Provide books that match your theme. The kids will love taking home a book featuring their favorite characters and parents always think an educational gift is an excellent  idea .

7) One Big Favor

A typical goodie bag at a kids party consists of several small toys and candy, but if you want a more unique favor than 1 big favor will be a surprise for your guests. Instead of several small items spend the same money on 1 bigger gift such as a stuffed animal that matches your theme, a Barbie doll for a Barbie party, a Disney Car at a Cars Party, or a DVD that matches your theme. These favors cost more than your typical favor but you are only buying 1 favor per child not multiple smaller favors. And remember eBay can be your friend.

Great Ideas for Your Audi Tuning Project

Audi sells an exceptionally wide range of vehicles. There is something for everyone, from the small, entry-level A1 that is perfect for young urban commuters to the stunning R8 V10, which borders on supercar territory. An Audi car offers stylish looks, high-end engineering, and good build quality, so it’s not surprising that this is a popular car for tuning. Audi enthusiasts usually focus on certain types of modifications when tuning their vehicles. Here are some great ideas for your Audi tuning project.

Increase Engine Power

The first and possibly most important aspect of Audi tuning is to boost engine power. There are many ways to accomplish this.

Remapping the ECU (or installing a performance chip on older cars) is a sure-fire way to get more horsepower and torque from the Audi engine. This is one of the most cost-effective mods and should be near the top of your to-do list. A professional remap can deliver more horsepower and torque, better fuel economy, and superior throttle response. Turbo engines, especially diesels, achieve the biggest power gains from a remap.

Another high-reward project is tuning the intake and the exhaust system to ensure freer air flow through the engine. Improving the car’s breathing is an important part of boosting engine output. Popular upgrades in this area include a cold air intake, a sports exhaust with a high flow manifold, or a full induction kit.

Some Audi tuners like to install a fast road camshaft for more RPM at peak power. This vehicle modification involves a bit of a tradeoff. It usually causes some loss of low down power, which is, after all, where you do most of your driving. It can also result in uneven engine idling. If you choose to put in a fast road cam, a good gas flowed head and bigger valves to go with it are recommended.

Remember that an engine tuned for more power may require some fuel system modifications to cope with the extra demands. A new fuel pressure regulator and fuel injectors are suggested for sharper throttle response. While you’re at it, upgrade the fuel pump as well because the engine will need more fuel.

The standard clutch in an Audi has its limitations, so you should probably replace it with an upgraded or performance-oriented clutch if you expect a power gain of more than about 30% from other tuning activities.

Improve the Suspension

When it comes to Audi tuning, improving the way the car handles is often a priority. In fact, a common complaint about many stock Audi vehicles is the mushy handling. This is what happens when a relatively heavy car is equipped with an overly soft suspension. But steering and vehicle control can be enhanced by dropping the car slightly and fitting stiffer dampers and performance shocks. You may also want to replace the rubber bushings with aftermarket versions that don’t flex as much during cornering.

Change the Wheels

Installing alloy wheels is a nice vehicle modification that is both practical and visually appealing. Alloy wheels will help to cool down the brakes and they are usually lighter than the standard factory wheels.

Some tuners suggest installing wheels with a larger diameter and wider, lower profile tyres to enhance vehicle appearance and performance. Other enthusiasts urge a little caution in this area, saying that oversized wheels will compromise vehicle handling. If you want to be safe, keep the overall rolling diameter of the new wheels equal to the original factory specs.

Upgrade the Brakes

Don’t forget about the brakes, especially on larger vehicles. If you tune your Audi for more engine power and faster throttle response, you will also need quick, reliable deceleration. Upgrade the brakes with a performance-oriented brake kit that includes high friction pads plus larger calipers and rotors.

Beautify the Interior

Many tuners like to get rid of the Audi’s rather heavy stock seats and replace them with lighter, sportier bucket seats. This modification reduces vehicle weight and provides you with extra driving comfort and control. New alloy shift knobs and pedals are a good way to give the interior a more luxurious appearance. For the perfect finishing touch, you can put in a MOMO steering wheel.

Personalise with Exterior Mods

Most enthusiasts already like the look of Audi cars, so they don’t feel inclined to make a lot of exterior modifications. But if you want to do something, you might consider installing a more assertive front air dam, or aftermarket turn signals and tail lights with smoked lenses. These upgrades will personalise the car without spoiling the Audi’s distinctive aesthetics.

There is no question that Audi has a reputation for making reliable and stylish vehicles. But any car in the Audi line can benefit from a little tuning. With most models, you simply can’t go wrong by remapping the ECU, upgrading the intake and exhaust system, and fitting new suspension components. Audi cars tend to retain their value over time, which makes Audi tuning a great investment in driving enjoyment.

Business Ideas For a Green Future

Going green can net you some green: for the aspiring or seasoned businessperson, what’s good for the environment may also be good for your wallet.


Natural ingredients, no trans-fats, locally grown, organic: these phrases plastered on today’s food packages represent a response to growing consumer concern about what goes into what we eat. Forget that favorite packaged snack cake-even carrot sticks may contain chemical residue from pesticides.


The smart businessperson knows that today’s consumers are more than willing to shell out additional cash for the peace of mind and body that comes from buying organic.


From manufacturing food products and ingredients certified organic (grown without use of pesticides or other chemicals), to setting up a natural foods store or vendor company, the opportunities for going organic go beyond a mom-and-pop fruit stand.


If we are what we eat, we’re also what we wash with, so don’t underestimate the demand for natural and organic personal care products.


Shampoos, toothpastes, soaps and deodorants made with natural ingredients and without unnecessary chemicals are no longer health-food-store specialty items: get going with a product line, and it could get on the shelves of big box stores around the country.


How are green consumers getting to the big box store to grab these items? In a hybrid car, or another green-friendly ride that runs off alternative fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel.


Right now, the demand for green cars exceeds their availability-tax incentives for owning a hybrid or AFV (Alternative Fuel Vehicle) are adding to their appeal. Hop on the supply train for green cars by selling or distributing this environmentally-sound trend (hint: moderately-priced green rental services can be a hit in cities that house a normally car-less crowd).


If your start-up funds are less than savory, consider manufacturing or marketing reusable shopping bags. Talk to local grocery stores, drugstores, even clothing boutiques, and get in on a deal that promotes the store’s logo and benefits the earth by cutting down on plastic waste and paper resources.


The go-green trend has touched consumers of a variety of ages and socioeconomic brackets. Teens love earth-friendly logo tees and bags, new parents are running (or driving hybrid cars) to the store for organic baby food and natural shampoo, and the adult with financial knowledge and significant investment capital or investor connections can serve the needs of all green consumers by becoming a green financier.


As specialized lender, the green finance business gets money to others wishing to get in the business of green. Branding your lending as environmentally-friendly will get you standing out from the start.


Before you get your feet wet, make sure you’ve got a solid business plan. Consider joining SCORE, where you can get small business advice from seasoned counselors and mentors.


Identify the need in your community, and figure out where you can grow the green. From small-scale items such as reusable shopping bags to the larger network of green financing, there’s money to be made in addressing today’s environmentally-conscious consumers.

Simple Workshop Storage Ideas

There are many types of workshop storage answers on the market and in this article I will describe what has worked well for me, but obviously the final choice comes down to individual needs.

Utilize wall space

Take a look around your workshop (or garage, we will use both these terms to mean the same thing). Where do you see the most empty space? If you are a disorganised kind of person most of your stuff will be on the floor whereas the walls will be relatively free.

It pays to make efficient use of wall space. If you visit any kind of home centre or depot you will immediately realise how well they take advantage of the wall space to display items. Getting things off the floor and into the air is one of the key principles when it comes to workshop or any other kind of storage problem solving.


The most basic type of shelving one can use is horizontal brackets supporting lumber which creates a shelf.

My preferred way to deal with shelving is to use simple angle iron with drilled or punched holes to create a frame using standard nuts and bolts and fix this securely to the wall. The fixings used will depend if your supporting wall is masonry or timber frame construction.

You may want to consider building a frame using lumber instead of angle iron. If you have lightweight storage requirements for items such as sandpaper, power tools or small pots of paint or glue, you can use 2″x2″ for the verticals and horizontals and 3/8″ ply for the shelving. The horizontal spacing of the shelves should be designed so there is minimal wasted space between each shelf but make sure you allow at least two inches of clearance space between the top of the highest item and the bottom of the next highest shelf support.


Tall workshop storage cabinets can also be incorporated into your solution. If purpose made ones are too expensive then try and find some secondhand ones or use metal kitchen cabinets. If you cannot source metal ones then wooden cabinets will suffice.

If you also use base or low level workshop storage cabinets then fit them out with roll out shelving which will minimise the need to move things around to get to hard to access items at the back of the cabinet. Roll out shelves allow you to see what things you have available and to pick them out with ease.


For small items such as screws, nails, nuts and bolts and so on and for small hardware items you can use small stackable plastic workshop storage containers. Get some in different colours, sizes and shapes so you can readily categorise your items into different groups and you will also have an immediate visual clue as to where things are.

For example you may decide to but all your screws in blue containers, nails in red containers and bolts in yellow ones. The colour coding is entirely up to you but keep it simple.

Some storage containers are designed with a built-in french cleat which will enable you to hang them onto a pegboard. If you set out the bins at a suitable vertical height so there is a gap between each one you will be able to stack at least five or six high and still be able to see what is inside each one. Some storage containers also have a slot holder on the front so you can write what the contents are on a label and install it on the container.

Shop around and get ideas

Visit plenty of hardware and specialist stores before choosing a storage system and see what is on offer. Even if you do not buy the particular system you will get some good ideas that may be you can replicate using cheaper materials.

Have an idea of your storage requirements and loadings (light, medium or heavy duty) before you buy any pre-fabricated system and ensure shelves are deep enough and can be adjusted as necessary. A shelf should be a maximum of 26 inches deep so you will be able to reach items at the back of the shelf easily. This depth also applies to pegboards and cabinets too.

Hopefully this article has given you some ideas on how you can make your workshop and garage tidier and to give you more room to get your work done easily.

Great Green Gift Ideas

We are all so quick to lecture others on thinking “green.” How about giving the gift of green to that favorite someone? There are oodles of great green gift  ideas  out there.

Do you know someone who is having a baby? This is probably going to shock you, but diaper services are often cheaper than buying disposable diapers. Not only that, but they also don’t pollute the water supply, and are far less wasteful than disposables. So why not purchase a month or two for your pregnant friend as a gentle reminder?

When your kid says he has to have the car instead of riding his bike, because he has no safe place to lock it up, buy him a folding bike. He rides it to his destination, then folds it up and wheels it along to a safe place inside. This is also great for train commuters who need transportation to the train and from it. It will save on costs and fossil fuels!

Cosmetics always make a great gift. But there is a double whammy for both animal rightists and environmentalists when it comes to this industry. Why not choose cosmetics that have not been tasted on lab animals and which do not contain chemicals. Safe cosmetics that are all natural will be a welcome gift indeed!

Are you aware that imported grapes have a reputation for containing the highest levels of pesticide residue of all fruits and vegetables? When you buy that housing warming gift of wine, make it all natural and organic. For that matter, it won’t hurt you to buy only organic grapes as well.

Garage Shelving Ideas You Can Use Today

Your garage needn’t be stuffed, unorganized or chaotic. Implementing a simple but effective garage shelving plan can transform your cluttered garage into a place you’d be proud of. I am sure, no matter if you have a tiny garage that you can barely fit a car in, a standard two car model, or even a huge multi-car garage that holds three or more vehicles, you will not only think of parking your car there but you will also have other ideas of what types of items you can store there. There are numerous different types of garage shelving ideas and storage solution methods that are available. Surely you can find one, or perhaps even a combination of garage organizing ideas that will be suitable for the purpose that you would like your garage to serve.

* Garage Storage Ceiling

This is one of the types of garage shelving arrangements used in many places where there is not much space even for a car. There’s the advantage of taking your shelving high and wide in which case you will still have access to space on the garage floor. This garage storage shelving can allow you to hold bins where you keep such things as light bulbs, tools, seasonal clothing and shoes. The entire garage floor space can still be used by your car and other items like scooters, push mowers, bicycles and other things you may deem fit to store in your garage.

* Garage Storage Cabinet

This type of garage storage facility is considered an excellent choice by many people because the cabinet can be moved around the garage with relative ease. There may be shelves right inside such cabinets on which smaller items are kept; there may also be hooks for hanging these items. At any time you may have the cabinet moved to another location if you think you’d want another item to occupy the same position without displacing the materials and items you have kept in the cabinet. This type of storage facility will just be easily rolled to a new spot.

How to Use Garage Shelves

Whatever the type of garage shelving ideas you intend to use in your garage, it is paramount that they create enough space while ensuring that your garage is kept clean and properly organized. You can store items such as camping gear, holiday items, sports equipment and gardening supplies on them. Holiday decorations are used at specific periods of the year and you don’t have to allow them take up valuable space in your house if you have proper garage storage shelves where they can be kept.

There are many benefits that can be counted and are attributable to the use of garage cabinets and storage. It is not only your garage that will experience freedom, but you are going to enjoy freedom in your garage yourself because the organizing all of the clutter will lead to an easier life for you. Everything in your house especially those vital tools have their respective places and you won’t need to expend energy in fruitless missions searching for items that are not lost but only misplaced. Above all, your car for which the garage was created in the first place would have its rightful place back in your garage instead of being exposed to the elements outside in the driveway.