Model Cars Under Glass – How to Display Large Models

Do you build or collect large scale model cars just to find that they end up sitting on a stray shelf collecting dust? Do you wonder if there is anything that you could do that would help display them in a much more enjoyable manner? No problem! You can build a display case to house them in. If you have ever spent much time in a museum then you might have noticed that the right display can make all the difference between a ‘good’ and ‘great’.

First, you will want to decide exactly how many of your model cars you want to display in the case. This will help you to determine the overall size of the shelf section of your case. You will also have to decide if you want to add in little touches to make it more of a scene than just a static display. This could mean adding fuel pumps and gas attendants or some other such model figures to help add a bit of realism to your cars.

Once you have decided this then you can start thinking about how much space you need. For example if you will be displaying three 1:8 scale cars and they are going to work together in a scene then you might need a board roughly roughly three feet wide and between five and seven feet long. This will give you enough space to place your model cars three wide and angle them slightly so that they are not placed straight across.

The best sort of board for a display such as this is 1/2 inch plywood. It can be stained and made to look nice once it has a finish on it. The next thing you must do is to decide how high you want it to stand. For support, you need to frame the underside with 2×4 lumber. Pine is fine because when you are finished you will not be able to see it. Screw the plywood onto the wide side of the 2×4 making sure that each piece you cut will fit into place before you screw it down. Use 4 inch screws so that they will be long enough for the next step of the project. Make sure that you do not go all the way through the plywood and 2×4 underneath. You just want the bare tip poking through so you can easily start into the next section of wood when you are ready. Now you are ready to finish the framework underneath.

If you want your display about waist high then you will have to base your measurements on your own waist. Mine for example is about 36 inches high. I would need to subtract the width of the top of the frame and the bottom of the frame and the distance left would be the length of the 2×4 supports I would need to cut. In this case it would be 32 inches each.

If you want your display to hold a good deal of weight then it is a good   idea  to add extra supports on each side. Line your 2×4 sections up one at a time with the screws that you first installed in the top section and screw them on. The screws should be be long enough to pull the parts together without going all the way through.

Once you have the legs on, you can install the bottom section. The bottom will basically be the same as the framed section of the top part consisting of four 2x4s lying flat and screwed into the legs above them.

Next you are ready to add the side panels. All you have to do is to cut plywood to fit over the sides of your display base. Make sure that you measure each section before you cut your plywood. It is better to measure three times and cut once than the opposite. Screw them into place with some 1/2 inch screws and you are done with the base, other than adding any decorative trim that you might want.

If you want to finish your plywood to give it color you can now do so. Make sure you have plenty of ventilation and wear respiratory protection while painting the plywood.

If you want to cover your model cars then you can either purchase Plexiglas sheets (which you can cut and make into a box shape to set over your display), or you can get fancy and have a glass cutter cut out individual panes and then you can frame them in on top of your display. Either way, your model car display will look great and you can proudly show it to others.

Edible Favors – Yummy Wedding Favor Ideas

Have you ever considered a yummy gift for each of your wedding guest? It is not always easy to decide what type of wedding favor to give out. But for edible wedding favors, they are always well-appreciated by guests, no matter what kind of wedding they are in. Edible wedding favors are not only inexpensive options, but also favor  ideas  that can easily be customized to fit the theme of your wedding.

Edible wedding favors could be store-buy or homemade. If you want to save money on these yummy tokens, consider homemade  ideas . Homemade treats can take a little more to create, so might prefer buying candies, almonds, chocolates, or mints instead and have them packaged later on. To get some  ideas  about edible wedding favors, browse through wedding and bridal magazine or research online. Check out what are the latest edible wedding favor  ideas  and narrow down your list according to your personal taste, budget, and wedding theme.

There are plenty of options that you can make that fit the theme of your wedding. If you are good at baking, homemade cookie favors are perhaps the best option to go for. You can be very creative in baking your own favor cookies. There are lots of shapes you can choose for the cookies. One of the most creative ways to cut cookies is to cut them into a shape of your initials. To decorate the cookies, you can make frosted designs on the top or you can put M&M’s or other button candies of your choice.

There are various manufacturers of wedding cookie favors. Often, manufactured cookies come in a packaging or wrapping with names or initials and wedding date of couples. However, if you wish to package your own homemade cookie favors, no worries because packaging or wrapping them is very easy. You can find a lot of packaging and wrapping tools to make homemade cookies look presentable to your guests.

Edible wedding treats don’t need to cost too much. In fact, you will be able to find various economical options that can be perfect to your budget reference. Aside from the fact that edible treats are a good choice for couples who have tight budget, they can also find help them save more without compromising the quality of their wedding mementos.

Favor boxes, organza bags, paper bags, mason jars, and Chinese take-out boxes are popular containers where most edible favors are packaged. You can see a lot of personalized designs and themes for these favor containers. Of course, you can add some more personalization by including a tag with your handwritten names or initials, wedding date, and/or personal thank you message.

Edible favors and other types of wedding favors are widely available online. You can also find personalized favors if you want to give out unique gifts to your guests. Some of the most popular personalized options include candle favors, bath favors, coasters and other practical favors and many more.

Find Exciting Christmas Gifts for Your Husband

Christmas Gift   Ideas  for Husband

Among other things, gifts form an integral part of Christmas. During this time, everyone, from young to old, rich to poor, try to give their loved ones something that can be treasured throughout the life. Husband being the most important person in your life, you must give him something this Christmas which he can cherish throughout his life. Gift  ideas  for husband for Christmas can range from a variety of things. However, when you are thinking about Christmas gift  idea  for husband, you must be little imperative since the gift will express your love for him. You can have a look at the following for getting an  idea  about Christmas gifts for husband.

Car as a gift

If your husband is into cars, then what can be a better gift than a car? Gifting his favorite car can be the most special gift that your husband will receive from you on Christmas. The best part will be to give him the model that he had been dreaming of for years.

Romantic dinner

To spend a quality evening with your husband and also to make him special, you can take him for a romantic dinner. In addition, if you get to cook some of his favorite dishes and prepare the dinner in a fashionable manner, then nothing can be better than it.

Since the occasion is Christmas, you can decorate the dining area with Christmas tree, Santa Claus and other different crafts. This is among those Christmas gift  ideas  for husband which is sure to surprise the most special person of your life.

Electronic gadgets

There is hardly any man who does not like electronic gadgets. From digital camera, to cellular phones, iPad, iPhone and more form the favorites of most men. If your husband has a knack for taking pictures, then certainly the best gift for this Christmas would be a digital camera. Additionally, you can gift him iPhone, iPad as well.


Books over the years have become the most common and an interesting gifting in any occasion. For you book lover husband, books of his favorite author can be an ideal gift.

Cost-Effective Wedding Favor Ideas

When planning a wedding, the first that probably comes in your mind is the cost. Of all the occasions, weddings are likely to be the most expensive to organize. Fortunately, there are some areas of your wedding where you can save money, and one of which is the wedding favor. Wedding favors aren’t mandatory anyway, so why spend too much? Yes, they serve as thank you gifts to your guests, but that doesn’t mean you have to break your bank just to impress them. So, instead of spending too much, why not get creative? You don’t have to be an artist when it comes to this matter, as simplicity is always a beauty.

Do-it-yourself wedding favors, to be exact, is one of the best practical options for couples who are planning a wedding on-a-budget. Aside from the fact that DIY favors are cost-effective, you can freely express yourself by making them yourself. Meaning, you can show off the kind of personality that you and your fiance have. Most of DIY wedding favors shows favorite hobbies, sports, crafts or pastimes of brides and grooms.

Actually, there are so many sources where to find do-it-yourself favor ideas, and the Internet is the biggest of all. There are thousands of websites that specializes on weddings, wedding planning and even the most tiny details that weddings usually need, such as wedding favors themselves. Wedding online sites can offer you a wide variety of wedding favors to choose from. Depending on the kind of wedding you are planning to have, you can choose from simple, useful, unique to personalized wedding favors.

DIY wedding favors can be either edible, decorative or something that your guests can use after your big day. For edible favors, you can make your own cookie, jam and chocolate favors at home. Other edible treats you may want to consider are wine, coffee or tea packets, cocktail mixes, candies and mints.

DIY wedding favor kits are usually found at local craft stores nearby, or you can purchase online. Buying DIY kits in volume can also give you discounts, which is perfect for your on-a-budget wedding plan. Although online stores are known to give discounts for bulk orders, you can place a multiple order at a local wholesaler.

While DIY wedding favors are relatively cheap, cutting down your list can also help you save money. Alternatively, you may consider popular cheap wedding favors that were usually given during simple nuptials, such as candle; soap; pens; hand fans; mini picture frames; mugs and the likes. These affordable party favors may sound boring, but if made personalize, they are sure to win your heart. Personalized favors are widely available online, at incredibly low prices. And aside from these personalized souvenirs, you can also find so many choices of personalized wedding supplies – from invitations, decorations, centerpieces, card holders, toasting flutes, reception supplies to etc. Obviously, with so many affordable wedding ideas you can find anywhere, you are sure to have your dream wedding come true, without spending a fortune!

Charlotte Resorts – Three Ideas For Family Fun

If you’re like me, hanging around at busy tourist attractions in long lines, large crowds and with multiple kids can ruin a family vacation. My experience has taught me that just as much fun can be found in less popular theme parks and attractions in many US metropolitan areas. If your family plans take you anywhere near the Charlotte, North Carolina area this year, consider the following ideas for family fun without the long crowds of more “popular” destinations.

Water Parks

In the immediate Charlotte area you will find several water park adventures ranging from local favorites where you can expect to spend a day, to full-featured parks where you could spend an entire week.

The Great Wolf Lodge Concord is located about a half-hour from downtown Charlotte, other area attractions, and is a combination water park and resort. Very similar to the other Great Wolf branded resorts across the country, this facility is the newest in the hotel chain’s portfolio. If your family includes kids of multiple ages you will be relieved to hear the water park and attached recreational facilities include attractions for toddlers through teens and adults. Younger children can enjoy a story time, small child water slide and “Cub Paw Pool” with multiple spray and play features available.

For us older kids, and teenagers, the Great Wolf Lodge is becoming known nationally for its trademark “Howlin’ Tornado” water funnel. Designed to be a family ride of up to four people, you and yours will swish and splash thirty-feet up the sides of this multi-story ride before splashing down safely in a large whirlpool.

Rooms at the Great Wolf Lodge are also designed with families in mind. Depending on what your family wants to spend, you can find accommodations with multiple rooms, kids’ cabins, tents and more.

Other water park adventures in and around Charlotte include Boomerang Bay at CaroWinds, and Wet & Wild Emerald Pointe in Greensboro.

Nature Exploration

For older kids and adults with an interest in wilderness and animals, the Carolina Raptor Center is open seven days a week, except major holidays, in Huntersville, North Carolina. This non-profit outdoor park is designed to promote environmental stewardship and preservation of birds of prey. Visitors are allowed to take a self-guided tour on the property, but should dress for inclement weather. In addition, the trails at the Raptor Center are unpaved, making it difficult for strollers.

While the city of Charlotte itself does not have a local Zoo, there is one available for your family if you don’t mind a bit of a drive. The North Carolina Zoo can be found about ninety-miles from Charlotte in Asheboro. Tickets for the zoo will cost anywhere between six and ten dollars, with senior discounts. The facility specializes in both African animals including lions, elephants, zebras as well as North American species such as alligators, polar bears and bison. To make sure you don’t have to rush, plan on spending a night in the Asheboro area.

Dirt Track Racing

Watching TV on most Sunday afternoons will bring you across some kind of racing. Who amongst us hasn’t looked at the screen and thought, “I could do that”. At the Dirt Track Racing School in Gastonia you will get your chance. With three different models of cars available, racing fans will not only get to pilot their own cars, but also sit shotgun with a racing professional doing extreme speeds in the dirt. And while most racing in the US is done on concrete, the dirt track provides high speed and amazing cornering.

The Dirt Track Racing School only operates a few weekends each month of the summer, so make sure you check ahead for reservations. You should note there is some work involved in learning how to pilot one of these cars, and this isn’t like any amusement park ride. However, if you’re a racing fan, you’ll make some great memories.

As you make your vacation plans keep in mind these are just a few of the options available in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. But if you are looking for nice weather, and some family fun without the large crowds, the options above are a great start.

Career Change Ideas: Educate Yourself!

Career change can be an exciting journey, but it usually requires some planning and the building and securing of some additional skills. Many times the skills in your current job are easily transferred to a new career. From a public school teacher to a corporate trainer or sales to fund-raising are some possible examples.

On the other side of the coin, moving from engineering to nursing or from teaching to becoming a lawyer will require some formal education and certifications. But for many career changers in between the additional education and training can be acquired in a variety of ways.

Here are a few ways to get the career change training you might need.

1. Online Learning: This type of learning comes in two methods. The first type will give you the desired information without an exam or certification. This is helpful by giving you a foundation and an introduction to the training you might be considering. It can be taken at your own speed, and you can jump around the material to sample what training you might require.

The second type of online earning is provided through a college or provides you with a certification run through a training school. At the successful completion of the course you could earn college level credits or a certification. Both results can be added to your resume to further showcase your skills and training.

2. Workshops and Seminars: They can be provided in-house or at a remote location. They can run up to a week but typically are one to three days in length. They generally can be used to add to basic knowledge or upgrade a career related skill. Frequently they lead to further study and can be quite valuable in this regard.

3. College Level Study: College level training will always give you a certification or college level credits. They are built around the school schedule, and require attendance at classes during the day or evening. In some schools you can attend classes on weekends and in others go through a combination of class attendance and online training.

4. Mentoring: There are times when a mentor can be a valuable source of career change information. They may have first hand experience working in the career. They can guide you in your training program to build your necessary skills. Keeping you from going down dead ends can be a valuable help as you plan on changing careers.

All the above training approaches can assist you to change or in many cases advance your career. Take your time in examining your options. Frequently, there is no need to take formal course work to establish a skill that you already possess. Formal training should be taken to learn additional skills.

Build a robust reading program into your career change plan. Listen to CD’s as you drive your car. There are also, a whole range of learning DVD’s that can help you build your career change skills. All these training and learning efforts, done regularly over time, will pay big dividends in your career change.

Creative Honeymoon Ideas

One of the finest parts of planning a marriage is deciding where to go for your honeymoon. Gone are the times when couples spend their honeymoon by booking a hotel in an exotic country, sipping exotic drinks. In today’s pocket-pinching times, you would want to get the maximum out of the budget you have for your honeymoon. More than anything, this implies that you would need it to be as remarkable as possible. Here are some creative ideas for you to consider.

Go on a historic tour. If you and your fiancé are the curious type and want to add to your knowledge, try this one. Visit places that are often mentioned in history books. Check out destinations from the American Revolution. Go to India and visit the places that made an impact in Gandhi’s life. Make a journey to the boyhood houses of famous presidents like Lincoln, Carter, and Kennedy. You can even go on a biblical history tour and bring the stories from the Bible to life. Not only will you be learning something new, you will also be sharing this knowledge and these memories with the person you love by your side.

Go on a lighthouse honeymoon. Lighthouses used to be vital aids to navigation, usually found along perilous shores to provide assistance to incoming ships. But due to the arrival of more sophisticated technology, they have become just about obsolete. These structures are still good for a purpose though. Lighthouses are really romantic and isolated places, they’re even settings for two romantic stories and these make them the perfect setting for a honeymoon. Some couples find it very romantic to cuddle up and watch the dawn, sunset, and the blue waves from the best point of view possible. Who knows? You may also be keepers of the light’ and throw in a little adventure to share with your new partner.

Go on a holiday tour. Holiday tours are fun if you and your fiancé are an adventurous couple. Check out the annual world Cherry Blossom holiday in Macon, Georgia. Are not three hundred thousand flowering cherry blossom trees one of the most romantic things ever? The Cannes Film holiday is also a brilliant idea to try out if you are a film-loving couple. This event is held in the dreamy city of Cannes which is in southern France, home to some of the most romantic destinations in the world.

Go on a literary greats tour. Are you and your other half lovers of avid readers? Do you love the classic literary greats? Why not go back in time and travel in the steps of classic authors and poets like William Wordsworth, Charlotte Bronte, Mark Twain, and John Keats. You can go to London, which is home to plenty of these greats. Visit Missouri which was nearly a personality in Twain’s novels. Some of the houses of these writers and poets also double as museums so you can look at original manuscripts and even get a copy of their works. Wander along the trails that inspired these folk to draft some of the greatest stories ever and it will forever be a moment you cherish with the one you love.

Go on a honeymoon mission trip. Lots of folks these days are opting for a different way to celebrate an event by helping out the less lucky. Debutantes and other birthday celebrants would go to an orphanage, for example, to hold their parties there. Why not spend your honeymoon doing something that would benefit others? You could go to a poor country and have interaction with the people there. Learn about their culture and volunteer to join outreach organization activities for a month or two. This would be extremely remarkable because not only are you sharing something serious with each other, you are also doing something that would make an impact in other folks’s lives.

Your honeymoon days will be some of the most unusual days in your life as a married couple. The places you visit will be great backgrounds for amazing photographs that you can take home with you and reminisce over. You can look back at them even during the bad days and they can actually give you a smile. So don’t stick with something cliché. Become arty; try the tips above or think of your own! Your fiancé will certainly appreciate and reward you for your creativeness.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

There are a lot of complicated matters to decide on before a wedding can finally take place. The church, the reception, the gowns and suits, and oh, the invitations! Who are invited? The flower girls, the ring bearer, bridesmaids, groomsmen, best man, and maid of honor? Are they all set?

There is no other great feeling that the groom can give his friends than letting them stand as groomsmen. There is no doubt about that. Of all the moments they have shared together, all the ups and downs, all the happiness and sadness, friends have stood by each other. How can the groom ever thank his groomsmen on his wedding day? How can he manifest his appreciation?

If you are searching the web for groomsmen gift  ideas , you are way ahead of those people who are trailing the lines of mall outlets. It is wise to surf the net for wonderful groomsmen gift  ideas  before finally plunging into the actual purchase. This will benefit the groom as he will already know what to buy as groomsmen gifts before stepping foot in a store.

There is a wide selection of groomsmen gift  ideas  to decide on. Groomsmen gift  ideas  range from unique items that include classic straight razors, cutlery, tools, golf and  car  accessories, to simple things such as baseball bats and caps for the younger ones.

Whatever the groomsmen gift  ideas  are, it is important to take note to be not foolishly generous in this aspect. Groomsmen gifts do not follow certain standards of being big, fabulous, or expensive. No matter what the groomsmen gift the groom prefers, it is the thought that will count.

Creative Marketing Ideas For Phone Stores

To many customers, shopping for a new cell phone is a necessary evil. While it’s easy to get excited about upgrading to a better model phone, customers expect pushy salespeople, confusing data packages, and ever-increasing fees and rate plans. In addition, competition in the booming cell phone market is ferocious, so if you want your store to stand out, it’s important to find ways to make it approachable and unique.

  1. Partnerships with TV and radio– Make your store a fun and exciting place for customers to spend time. Work with your local TV channel or radio station to host an event at your store. These events are not only heavily-promoted through commercials, but the organization also brings tents, banners, yard signs, giveaways, etc., to get the attention of passers-by. The longer customers are at your store, the better the chance you have to make a sale.
  2. New phone launch events– When the hot new phone is about to be released, promote it at your store using graphics on your windows. Window clings work best since they’re not adhesive and can be removed when finished-show a picture of the phone and list the day of its launch. Have a special offer on the big day, like the first X amount of customers get a free case or a discount. This builds excitement and buzz not only about the product but also about your store. Your goal is to have a packed store all day, so consider holding a drawing for a free phone if it gets customers through your doors.
  3. Used phone recycling/donation– This is more of a convenience than anything, but make sure you have a place for customers to donate or recycle their old phones in your store. Offer customers who donate a special discount off their new phone. Promote this in your store using a vinyl banner, and let customers know where their phone will be going (recycling center, or even repurposed for soldiers on deployment, needy families, etc.).
  4. Mobile marketing– Utilize the power of mobile marketing by ordering car signs for your vehicle as well as those of your employees. Car magnets are affordable and can be removed, but the product that will get the most impact is a car window decal for your vehicle’s back window. This can be used to feature a picture of the brands of phones you carry, along with your store name and phone number. It’s a great way to reach out to customers who might not pass by your location on a regular basis.
  5. Free accessories– Another great way to stand out from the crowd is to offer free accessories or bundle deals to customers who purchase a new phone or renew their contract. Post vinyl decals in your windows that feature this offer to grab the attention of window shoppers and bring them into your store.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for some great  ideas  for bridesmaid gifts then do not worry I have many  ideas  that will be great for all of your bridesmaids. You should first think about all of your bridesmaids age, religion and personality. I myself when I got married. I chose all of my gifts individually for that particular person.

Personalized gifts are always best, it seems to me. The reason why I just said, that is because personalized gifts seem to be more special because you actually put thought into choosing the gift. You are not just go to the department store and just choose any old gift that you just ran into.

Below I am going to outline some personalized gifts and bridesmaid gift  ideas  that you can opt for your bridesmaids.

Personalized jewelry roll:

A personalized jewelry roll usually comes in many colors and you can personalize them with a monogram or initials. But jewelry roll will be great for a lady who is on the run. She can easily access all of her jewelry on a day-to-day basis and it is convenient, and it makes a fashion statement.

Personalized tote bags:

Personalized tote bags are always great gifts for your bridesmaids. They will definitely come in handy to the ladies who are receiving the gifts and it will help organize their little better. Personalized tote bags come in many shapes sizes and colors. You can choose to tote bags reflecting the ladies personality. You can have the tote bags personalized with initials, monograms and names. Tote bags are always an excellent choice for your bridesmaids.

Spa gifts:

Spa gifts will give your ladies a chance to relax and be comfortable after your big day. All the hard work your ladies have done for you. It is time for them to relax. You can choose spa robes, slippers, towels, soaps and many more. Like I said spa gifts will give your ladies a chance to relax and be comfortable after your big day.

These are just a few bridesmaid gift  ideas  that you can opt for your ladies. There are many more gifts that you can choose but just put thought into the gifts and reflect the ladies personalities. Doing this will allow your ladies to receive a nice beautiful gift that they will cherish for years to come.