Gift Ideas For Challenging People

Buying gifts is always a challenge. I know because I am raising two boys alone. Kids today want music, video games and other gifts instead of the toys that once made kids smile. Even men are tired of getting shirts and cologne. It makes you wonder what to buy for the man in your life.

Now, we will discuss how to shop and gift  ideas  for everyone. Shopping is not so simple. But it is smart to look at all aspects, including affordability, gift, recipient, etc. While looking for gifts, always think of the gift that will please and be usable. The thought used to count, but now some people want more expensive gifts. For this type of person, you can buy something that won’t cost you a fortune. One gift  ideas  is a night scope. Men and children alike will enjoy the gift that will bring objects closer to them. The scope has built-in tools for nighttime viewing. The scope brings signs closer and is excellent for wildlife and bird watching. The scope is also handy for hiking, fishing trips and camping.

Kids used to enjoy Hot Wheel cars and Barbie dolls. Now, kids are harder to please because many play violent video games and listen to nasty music. Avoid such gifts, because you don’t want to promote those things. Instead, get them something that will be useful for years to come. Young kids enjoy action figures of their favorite cartoon characters. The children enjoy Power Rangers, Superman, Taz Man or Ninja Turtles. Younger children often like toys that let them use their imagination. Building blocks are a great  idea  for such children.

Men tired of cologne and shirt might instead like shaving and cutting kits. Many shave kits, trimmers and hair-trimming systems are available and inexpensive. One of the neater hair-trimming systems is the FLOWBEE, which hooks up to the vacuum cleaner to lift the hair while cutting. It has all the tools he’ll need to trim and cut.

The gift of pain relief is ideal for those difficult-to-please grown-ups. SQUISHEES are dandy and for providing relief with its vibration system for sore feet. Even children might take love this handy device, because it vibrates and provides a soft, SQUISHY spot for feet. Relax and rev those vibrating levels up.

For women, storage handbag hangers provide extra space, while they organize their purses. hard-to-buy-for women always seem to love things that give them more space. Glow-in-the-dark chain fences are one of the neatest gifts. These items are not expensive and link around poles or fences. At the night, they light up the yard. The fence glows down pathways, gardens, sidewalks, driveways and other places.

Ice mats also are nice gifts for men who love cold beer on a camping trip. The mats cover the ice inside and keeps the water and ice pure. The reusable mats wrap tightly around everything in the ice chest. For people who are hard to buy for, keep your gifts smart and cheap, and make your loved ones happy.

Ideas For Cheap Wedding Centerpieces

Contrary to popular opinion, cheap isn’t always synonymous to tacky. In fact, a tight wedding budget should in no way be a hindrance to organizing such a wonderful and momentous occasion. All you need to do is to learn some helpful techniques to maximize your resources without compromising the look of the centerpieces.

Tips To Save Money On Wedding Centerpieces

Tip #1: Choose the right centerpiece for your wedding.

For starters, you need to decide on a perfect centerpiece for your wedding. You can either create your own look or simply copy from magazines, online photos, and the like. If you have a knack for arranging flowers or if you’re very creative, then you surely have a head start in creating cheap wedding centerpieces.

Collect pictures of the centerpieces that you like and then make your mind up later on. Your decision should not be based solely on the colors. You should also take the setting, the venue and the mood into consideration. Subsequently, you need to settle on the best choice before you can move on to the next tip.

Tip #2: Estimate the costs of making the centerpieces.

Ascertain the materials needed for your chosen design. Next, determine the costs of the things you will need to recreate the look. This is actually the point where you have to make concessions in connection with the budget. Instead of purchasing expensive flowers that are out-of-season, try to settle on a similar-looking type that is in bloom at the time. These flowers are usually easier to find and more economical than the variety used in the original centerpiece.

Tip #3: Recreate the original wedding centerpiece.

Using your new-fangled and cheaper set of centerpiece materials, try to reconstruct the look of your chosen table attraction. If you’re not that good with arts and crafts, you can always ask a friend or a family member to help you out. It’s okay if your first attempt at making the centerpiece doesn’t turn out the way you expect it to. As the saying goes, “try and try until you succeed.”

Tip #4: Incorporate your own creative  ideas  into your wedding centerpiece.

In the course of recreating the table attraction, you can’t avoid brewing your own nifty design  ideas . Be more open to such thoughts and try to integrate them into the original look. If they don’t add more beauty into your creation, you can simply thrust them aside and continue with your previous plan.

Putting Your Garage Storage Ideas Into Action

If you have no other choice but to park your  car  in the driveway and stare longingly into your cutter-filled overflowing garage, it’s high time to come up with fresh garage storage  ideas . This is not a hard chore because with a little creativity, imagination, and of course hard work, you can turn your clutter-filled, useless garage into a great home for your car. Read on and choose from the garage storage  ideas  presented here.

There are two important things every garage in the world needs: containers and shelves. Why? Let’s start with shelves. There are so many ways you can utilize garage storage shelves. The most important of all is that these shelves allow you to organize your things in an easy-to-see manner; thereby carrying out two different purposes – providing you the space you need and allowing you to fix your things in such a way that it would be easier for you to search for something kept in the shelves. Aside from that, shelves and other garage storage cabinets come with aesthetic appeal because they are available in plastic or metal. They can be open or close or can be custom made to suit the design you prefer. If your garage is more on the vertical-space side rather than the horizontal, then you can always have different great shelves installed in your garage.

Having containers in the garage is also one of the best garage storage  ideas  to consider. Some containers available in the market are specifically used to keep nails and screws. If you make use of these, you don’t need to spend much time searching for the perfect screw or nail you need because your containers can keep them keenly organized. Of course, another benefit of using these containers is that you can get rid of bugs out of your things.

If you are worried about the extra expenses of buying shelves and containers for your garage, worry not because there are inexpensive and cheap garage storage items available for you. In fact, you can buy shelf or container for as low as $20. You can look for these at the nearest shop or even online. It is also a good  idea  to go for DIY cabinets if you are in tight budget. You just have to search for kits or just buy materials you need to make your own shelves and containers. Just a few pieces of wood, nails, screws, and several brackets can already make you a great shelf and/or container. Don’t worry about how you can do it because there are many sites offering instructions and tips on how to make do-it-yourself garage cabinets and containers.

Two great garage storage  ideas  that you can use to bring your garage back to its original form. With great shelves and containers, you are not only doing yourself a favor for the extra space you can use but to your car as well because it doesn’t need to sit in the driveway ever again!

Wedding Favors – Unique Ideas

The wedding day comes with a whole lot of responsibilities for the couple. On one side, they have an excitement and fear deep within their heart about the new life to start, on the other, they don’t have even a single minute to think and enjoy this feeling. The preparations just before the final day take all their time. When minutest of the things are to be taken care of, a great deal of thought is given to the wedding favors. Most of the couples are seen devoting extra time in making wedding favors special and personalized. Even in the stressful days, the couples make sure that wedding favors are special as it holds huge importance for them and matter a lot to the guests as well who are going to receive them.

A great difficulty comes when the bride and groom wish to do something different from others. A lot of effort is demanded when the originality of the couple is to be reflected in the wedding favor. Those who attend weddings frequently know almost all the prevalent and popular favors. So when even a slight difference is done, the freshness to a wedding favor is pleasing. A little  idea  about some creative wedding favors might just open up new thoughts in your mind and you can go with a never tried and yet fantastic wedding favor.

For a start, think about bubbles which make a great traditional party favor. The best part about them is that they instantly form a party environ at the wedding. The guests right away get involved in making bubbles around the bride and groom and it just increases the joyous feeling all around. While taking them home, they are left with bottles to play with bubbles later and it can be complemented with beads also. You can at the same time, play around the design of bubble bottles. Move with time, and try to get nice looking bottles that can symbolize something or in general look funky. The basic theme remains the same i.e. use of bubbles but one can always make it a unique looking wedding favor.

Another way of making a unique wedding favor is personalizing the favor. This is quite popular among most of the couples and they do come forward with more time and fondness to make favors look distinct from all others. Besides for the guests who receive it, it is always heart touching when they notice something related to you and them. They always appreciate the feeling and extra effort to say thanks by the means of wedding favor. Extremely unique favors are also possible if you do not mind getting exceptionally personalized. Bottle dresses is one of the stuffs like that. These types of favors happen to be a more party and fun kind. They can be then and there used at the reception and build up the liveliness of the wedding.

Ultimately the  idea  is to pass on the special feeling you hold for your wedding day to the guests and make it an unforgettable day for them too. You surely want everyone to feel and know how special the day is for you and want no one to be out of celebrating mood that very day. So every effort that you make, just give it your best shot and do it with all your heart and soul. You will then see the whole world enjoying with you and sharing your happiness. Select a wedding favor that you are happy giving to the guests and would also like to receive in case you were at their place. Rest will be done by the unique wedding favor itself.

Creative Birthday Party Ideas – Camera Party

Whether you’re planning a party for your ten year old daughter or your forty-six year old best friend, it never hurts to have a theme. Themes allow party goers to really get into the festivities and are also great ways to start up conversations and keep them buzzing all night. If you’re looking to plan a party in the near future or are always looking for new creative  ideas  to add to your arsenal, consider a “camera party” for your next big event.

A camera party is obviously an event that revolves around making and capturing memories on film. Whether your guests are young or old, chances are they’re very into taking pictures with friends and family. This is also a great theme to have if you have a co-ed party, since both boys and girls can get in on the picture taking fun.

Having a black and white theme will keep your decorations simple, making table cloth, streamer, dinner ware, and center piece color choices very easy. Pairing the simple backdrop with some “film-y” type decorations will help you easily create a fun and festive environment. Head to your local party store and keep an eye out for decorations like oversized photograph negatives (take a look in the “Hollywood” themed section if they have one), smiley faces (think “SAY CHEESE!” and yellow makes a great contrast color for the black and white), and maybe even a red carpet (party stores usually have throw-away ones at a very reasonable price). Whether your guests are young or old, male or female – they’ll get a kick out of entering the party on a red carpet (who wouldn’t?).

As your main attraction, give each and every guest a disposable camera. In order to avoid confusion, make sure you give strict orders that all guests must RSVP. This way, you can write names on the disposable cameras so that when one is inevitably set down – it can be returned to its rightful owner. Challenge guests to use their entire roll of film and take interesting and fun pictures of both themselves and party goers. Without even trying, you’ve captured lasting memories from the party while allowing guests to let loose and have a good time; an event that can truly be enjoyed by any one, regardless of their age. Whether it’s a birthday party, an anniversary celebration, or even a going away party – hosting a camera party will be extremely entertaining since you’ll be the one reviewing all of the pictures when it’s all said and done! Place a basket by the door so guests can “drop off” their cameras once the night has come to an end. If you’d like to share the photos with guests, ask them to leave an e-mail address with you (if you don’t already have them) and ask the developer to put the pictures on a disk for you. For just a little bit extra, you’ll also receive the pictures in digital form so you can load them onto the computer and send them out to your photographers. Instead of sending a plain old ‘Thank You” card, you can enclose some priceless memories to show just how much their presence at the party meant to you.

So next time you’re ready to throw some chips and dip on the table and call it a party, take a second to think outside the box. By providing your guests with a unique and fun experience – you’ll be creating memories that last an absolute lifetime. With a little bit of extra planning and consideration, you can truly take your party to the next level.

Homemade Wedding Favor Ideas

When it comes to wedding favors, choices are endless. With our economic situation these days, you would probably opt for the cheapest things for your wedding. There are tips telling you that you should buy wedding supplies in bulk so you can end up saving a lot, but not in the case of others who advices you that buying pre-made favors in bulk would end you up spending hundreds or even thousands. The question here is which one deserves your side? Actually, there is a very safe way to go with, which is making your own wedding favors.

The very first thing you need to decide about is what type of favor you would like to make. Is something that can be eaten or a memento that your guests can keep. When you decided go with homemade edible favors, chances are there are lots of creativity and imagination that may come out on your treats, thus creating a great impression. You can make a lot of things from flavorful treats like candies, chocolates, cookies and even jams. For example, if you want to give out homemade chocolates, you can purchase some molds at a craft stores and buy some inexpensive chocolates you can melt down and simple add colors to it. Make sure to also add creativity when packaging your homemade chocolate wedding favors.

Cookies can also be made with lots of creativity. You can bake cookies in different shapes or form. Today, you can find a lot of fun  ideas  in cookie favors, such as wedding cake shaped cookies, fortune cookies, wedding bell shaped cookies, bride and groom shaped cookies etc. Or, you can also make cookies with the help of gingerbread people cookie cutters which will make your creations really fascinating. When you are opting to create your own wedding souvenirs, it is always a wise choice to visit the nearest craft store in you area and search for possible  ideas . You can also find inexpensive wedding favor boxes, bags and baskets you can also use on your homemade treats.

When making your own wedding favors, you don’t have to overdo your work. Rather, is should be simple considering you will make a mass quantities of favors all by yourself. But of course, if this task will require additional work, you can ask some people’s help, such as your bridesmaids.

Another great source of  ideas  to help you make your own wedding favors is the Internet. You can find so DIY wedding  ideas  online including DIY wedding favor kits. There are also so many online instructions you can follow, most of them are videos, that can give you  ideas  on how to make your own wedding souvenirs at no time. And of course, there are plethora of pre-made wedding favors you can easily purchase, if in case you don’t have enough time for DIYs. From wedding souvenirs, wedding invitations, decorations, bridesmaids gifts, groomsmen gifts to etc., all these things can be found online. All you need to do is to sit back and relax while browsing the Internet.

Reception Venue Ideas for Small Weddings

Small weddings can be wonderful. When looking for the right place to host an intimate wedding, you need a special space that will suit the size of your event. Check out these great reception venue  ideas  for small weddings.

A little wedding can be done in any style. If your taste is a lace dress and classic pearl bridal jewelry, you need a classic venue. A private dining room in a country club or other private club would be ideal. You will have the tasteful setting that is in line with your sense of style, but the space will be small enough to accommodate a tiny guest list. It is important that the room be small enough that it doesn’t feel empty, yet spacious enough that people can walk around and mingle. If you want to have dancing, find out if the private dining room can accommodate musicians.

For a chic reception with a smallish guest list, a wine bar would be fantastic. It is a very sophisticated setting, perfect for an evening reception. Host a late reception so that you do not have to serve a full meal. A nice selection of tapas, cheeses, fruits, and other small bites will be a wonderful accompaniment to the wine. Give wine charms as the wedding favors so people can slip them on their glasses and use them at the reception. A French croquemboche would be a stylish alternative to a traditional tiered wedding cake.

If you and your fiance are art lovers, a small gallery is a fun wedding venue  idea . With the art providing the décor, you will only need to bring in minimal decorations. The groom can wear a dark suit, and the bride a fashion-forward wedding dress with unique bridal jewelry. Ideally, you can find a gallery that has experience hosting events, since it can be trickier to organize a party in a place that has never hosted one before. Be sure to ask questions about kitchen facilities and access to the space for set up so you do not encounter any glitches on your wedding day. And for the wedding cake design, how about one inspired by your favorite work of art?

Restaurants are a natural choice for small weddings. After all, they are used to feeding large numbers of people, and you can be sure that the food service will run smoothly. There is also no question about what the food will be like, since you can just go eat there before you book the space to make sure you like what they serve. Depending on the size of your guest list and the policies of the restaurant, you might opt for either a private dining room or you might rent the whole space. For a restaurant reception, it works very well to come up with a limited menu from which guests can order. It allows them some choice, but it also gives you control of the cost and the helps the restaurant coordinate all of the meals smoothly.

Finally, if your guest list is quite small (like under 30), you might just have the party in your own home. While planning a large tented home wedding is a massive and expensive undertaking, throwing what is essentially a very big dinner party can be quite manageable. You should still hire a caterer so you don’t have to spend your wedding day working in the kitchen, but beyond that the costs will be minimal. Play your favorite music on your iPod, get some nice bottles of wine, and bring in a pretty cake from your favorite bakery. It will be a lovely little party, and a terrific way to celebrate your new marriage.

Cheap Wedding Idea – Inexpensive Wedding Dresses

Any woman are dreaming to have a magical wedding day where there will be lots of beautiful and enchanting scenery that captivates any eye. Apart from that, the bride’s beautiful wedding gown and other outfits are also awaited. However, a wedding dress is a substantial investment that can really cost a fortune. Fortunately, there are several ideas to find beautiful wedding dresses without breaking the bank. Who says you can’t save money on your wedding dress? By spending less on your wedding dress, you give yourself even more money to buy other things for your wedding. So, how and where can you find quality cheap wedding dresses that are still beautiful and you feel good about wearing? Consider the following ideas below.

1. You may think about going to a bridal shop that is may be a good drive from home. But if you take your mom and your wedding party with you, it can be a fun, money saving road trip.

2. If you haven’t notice this yet, there are some beautiful choices of bridesmaids dresses available that can serve just as well as a wedding dress. You can get one at a fraction of price, instead of buying a brand new wedding gown that is playing around a thousand bucks. These dresses come in variety of styles and colors, but when you find the perfect dress, simply order it in white, off beige or beige. But, if you are really a brave or a more modern bride you can order it in just about any color you want.

3. Consider used wedding dresses. This may not what you really want to have, but it can be a great money saving option if you are on a tight budget. Used wedding dresses that are of course cheap can be found in quite a few places. When you decide to cut down the cost of your wedding expenses, and you want to buy used wedding dress, remember that this idea is a bit different than buying used clothes. A wedding dress is worn once! So it is really barely used at all. You can easily find used wedding dresses at online stores. However, consider going to local bridal shops first and try on the dresses they offer, find a few choices you like the best, note the size you need, and do online searching again and see if you can find them.

4. Make your own wedding dress. If you have the skill and talent to make and decorate your own wedding dress, then feel free to do so. Not only you have saved a big amount of dollars on it, but also you have included your own personal touch on your wedding outfit. But if this is not the case, then perhaps it’s about to get your skilled mom, aunt or friend involved in the process of making your wedding dress.

5. You may also consider renting or borrowing a wedding dress. Not only tuxedos are rent-able these days, but also wedding dresses. You can only spend almost the half of the brand new wedding gown’s price if you will consider renting. The down side of this, however, is you have less of a selection and sometimes you can’t alter the dress, you have to find one in your size. But if you are an average size, the price might make it worth it. If you have a friend who have the same size as yours, you may try asking her if you can borrow it. I’m sure she can’t say no for that. Just be sure you will take care of it and return it the way it used to be.

Generating Ideas to Overcome Business Downturn

It happened unexpectedly! Your business was doing pretty well. Sales were good. Customers were more or less satisfied. But one fine morning you started to notice that the sales started to diminish! You decided to take preventive steps. You have been in this type of situation earlier too, but have managed to overcome. Not this time!

This time it’s as if you have hit a wall. No matter how you try, things don’t improve. You realize that you need to come up with some innovative  ideas  to drastically change the present quandary, but nothing is coming to your mind that may have radical effect. What to do?

Sounds familiar? In every aspect of life, at one point or another, we end up in similar situation where we desperately need new  ideas , but can’t generate them. While we were kids things were a lot different. A kid’s mind is a generator of great, sometimes devious but always a profuse supplier of creative  ideas . Over time, due to the lack of enough lateral thinking, predictable life style, educational system emphasizing on memorizing and judgmental society we slowly start to loose our innate ability of producing innovative  ideas .

A huge truck loaded with containers got stuck under a bridge of a small road. The problem was just in a few millimeters. This has created a traffic jam. Drivers were coming out of their cars. All had been thinking what to do. Nobody had a solution. A kid was passing by on a bicycle. He stopped to see what the hullabaloo was about. After observing the situation, he immediately proposed the truck driver to deflate the tires to the extend that it could pass through easily. The solution was rather simple but adults with their conventional thinking process could not produce it!

Whether you are in need of a new marketing  idea , an innovative product, a story plot, or need to find solutions to problems, the following methods will help you ignite your creativity and produce results.

Specify your objective.

If you are working on achieving a goal or objective, specify it in definite terms. This means describing your present situation and what you are planning to achieve. If you are working on a problem, define the problem as clearly as possible. If your sales are diminishing, the possible problems could be a competitor launching a better product, your product’s quality needing improvement, the clients are considering the price too high, your sales people are not performing as needed. You will be amazed to see how deep you might have to dig in order to outline the problem accurately, but it is worth the work.

Define and visualize ideal outcome

Once you are certain about the objective and defined it as precisely as possible, the next step is to clarify the expected result. If this is a problem, define what will be the outcome if you resolve it. If your sales are falling, the outcome could be increased sales to existing customers, broaden customer range, opening a new niche, etc.

Visualize the outcome in quantifiable and precise manner. Use all four elements of visualization to stimulate your brain. These are clarity, length, intensity and frequency. The clearer you can see the picture of the outcome, the longer you can visualize it with earnest desire to achieve it and the more often you see this, the better are chances of generating more innovative  ideas  to attain the goal.

Gather information

Once you know what you would like to achieve and where you are standing gather all the relevant information surrounding this issue. This often requires extensive research, such as reading extra related materials, analyzing markets, finding statistics and other data, attending seminars and conventions, talking to the experts, etc. Facts could be specific to your industry or they could be generic, which you might retrieve from the Internet and other numerous sources. Every time you add new and relevant information to your knowledge base you increase your brain’s ability to come up with a whole new  idea .

Avoid stereotyping

Often we are unable to generate original  ideas , because our perception is too biased. To overcome this you have to start asking questions. Don’t be afraid of asking dumb questions. Aristotle once said, “When you ask a dumb question you a get a smart answer.” There are six universal questions that we can ask. These are What, Where, When, How, Why and Who. To tear down a problem to more basic parts, you should always ask these questions first. By asking these questions, eventually, you will come to more significant questions.

Think out of the box

Forget about the conventional method you use to find a solution for good! Old method of thinking will bring same old answer. Out of the box thinking helps you getting to the root of the problem. You can achieve this by asking the question why relentlessly. Here is what Innovation Speaker Elaine Dundon in her book “The Seeds of Innovation” said, “Creative thinking begins with great questions, not answers. Great creative thinkers stay with the question instead of rushing to find an immediate solution. They ask more questions than the average person and are comfortable in the often uncomfortable situation of not immediately having the answer.”

Try absurd combinations

Innovations are combinations of old  ideas . Walkmans are combination of headphones and tape recorder. Deodorant rolls are combination of pencil and fragrance. Internet is full of  ideas  borrowed from offline businesses. Try associating irrelevant, absurd and ridiculous things, industries, and geographical areas to the problem or goal. Ask “what if” question like: what if I add this to my problem, what if I start from the end not from the beginning. These associations and questions will force your imagination flow and spark incredible  ideas . “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create” said Einstein.

Relax and forget about the problem you were working on

Once you have done everything possible to generate  ideas , it is time to relax and let your subconscious mind to work on the problem. Leonardo Da Vinci knew this very well: “Every now and then go away, even briefly, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work your judgment will be surer; since to remain constantly at work will cause you to lose power.”

Here is a list of  idea  generating relaxation methods:

  • Exercising
  • Sleeping
  • Getting away on a mini-vacation
  • Meditating
  • Working on house cores

Most probably the most interesting  ideas  will come to your mind while you are not thinking about your problem actively. When you got your first great  idea , don’t stop, keep on working, as you need at least two to three  ideas  to choose from.

Another thing is make sure to write down the  idea  the moment it came to your mind. Otherwise you might loose it forever.

By using the above mentioned methods you can generate unique  ideas . But this is not enough. You have to formulate your  ideas  and put them into action! Many great  ideas  die in their incubation period as the innovators don’t have the right vision to bring them to reality.

Wedding Favors – 10 Simple Ideas You Can Make at Home

With a tight wedding budget and all the other expenses involved in a wedding, the  idea  of making your own inexpensive wedding favors is extremely attractive. The question is whether you are getting yourself into something that is more than you can handle. Brides can go over-the-top when it comes to making their own gifts for their guests, spending hours and hours coming up with  ideas  and gluing little pieces of fabric and ribbon to their creations. I have put together ten simple and easy  ideas  you can use to make your own cheap wedding favors at home, without putting a strain on your time or budget.

1. Jams and Jellies. Purchase gift packs of mini jars of jams, separate them, and tie lengths of personalized ribbon around the neck of the jar. You can then design your own labels on your computer and print them on a color printer, assuming you have one.

2. Fancy Loose Tea. Buy canisters of gourmet loose tea online, the cheapest place to purchase it, and package a few teaspoons into separate bags for each person. You can buy small organza favor bags for this purpose, or buy bulk quantities of mini glass canisters. Craft and party supply places are a perfect place to look.

3. Homemade Chocolate. Always a popular choice, chocolate can be melted and poured into molds for a custom wedding favor. Get the kind that is made for melting. You can usually buy chocolate molds online in any shape imaginable. Alternatively, find a favorite recipe for chocolate truffles and package them in mini favor boxes with a ribbon around them.

4. Vintage Candy Favors. Nostalgic candy from days gone by is a perfect favor for vintage style weddings. Buy it in bulk online at a candy supply website, preferably in colors to match your wedding color scheme. Filling mini mason jars with the candy will keep the theme all tied together.

5. Traditional Candy Bar. The days of penny candy that you picked from jars is long gone, but that does not mean you can not make your own. This is an extremely popular ‘hot spot’ at weddings. Give your guests little glassine envelopes or Chinese take-out boxes to put their candy in and take home.

6. Flower Seeds. Take a trip to your local garden supply center and pick out packets of flower seeds that have pretty designs on the front in your colors. You can buy these online also. Then make your own favor tags to attach to each. You can even create your own place cards, buying beautiful ready to print stationery online, and attach the seeds to each tent card.

7. S’mores to Go. Whether it is campfires in the summer or winter evenings by the fire, everyone loves to make smores. Just head to your grocery store for graham crackers, marshmallows, and Hershey’s bars. Wrap them in squares of tulle with a personalized ribbon around them. All is ready for toasting and munching.

8. Ready to Grow Flowers. Go beyond the seeds and place little flowers in pots for your guests. If it is Spring or Summer, you should have no problem buying flats of plants or flowers that you can transplant into small flower pots. Use paint pens to write on the pots or tie a ribbon with a tag around each. You only need one plant per couple.

9. Oreos and Milk. If you are having a black and white wedding, Oreos are the perfect wedding cookie. You can even set up a milk and cookie bar for guests to pick from on their way home – the perfect bedtime treat. There has never been a more loved cookie, except maybe chocolate chip. I have even seen a wedding cake made from stacked up Oreos!

10. Jordan Almonds. It may sound overly traditional, but Jordan almonds are still once of the tried and true, classic wedding favors. Buy them in bulk in any color combination, or stick with classic silver and gold. Then it is just a matter of picking or making your own container. Troll through the craft supply stores or places like Oriental Trading for  ideas . You can even buy pieces of pretty lace or fabric and tie up the almonds with a pretty ribbon. There is nothing more simple and classic than that.

If you are tight on time, choose the favor that is easiest and quickest to put together. Anything that people can grab for themselves on the way out the door, like bags of candy, will be the simplest solution. However, if you enjoy crafts and making things yourself, focus your energy on the parts you like best and buy the rest. Your guests will appreciate anything you give them, whether it is an inexpensive homemade wedding favor placed at their seat or a colorful display of candy.